What’s with Summer

Summer is my pseudo-name. Though summer is not my favourite season as I dream to play in snow and sing winter wonderland, I guess summer matches me.

Summer is the best time to get out, show the world that even if there are lot things that happens, even if there are things that don’t go along with our plans, its still alright because it’s summer.

What are the contents:

Poems on a weekly and as needed basis. As I usually use this as my healing and stress reliever

Journals on as needed basis. I wanted to share my thoughts and my views online. I will probably regret it soon but for now, let the world knows that writing is my remedy and sharing it keeps me sane.

Video Blogs very soon. I have one up but I keep it private because I originally share it to someone who is very close to me but well I think I still look awkward in camera. Will plan to do five this year.

Drama Recap very soon. I’m an avid fan but I can’t find a way to write it here maybe some day

Stories which I’m currently writing right now based on the untold story of my love life and my experiences in this wonderful life.

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