05 Game Over

It was an amazing game! This is the first time that I watch a live basketball game in Araneta Coliseum.

People are cheering, people are teasing and all I can do is be with them and then fall in love.

Today, I am a bit dizzy and crazy. I am still thinking about my messenger and facebook (f.y.i, I made a bet rather a challenge to myself that I can actually live without this two app on my phone) so here I am – resisting, trying to cheat in the most not so obvious way.

If you ask me why do I impose such challenge, it’s because I failed to go to Baguio and Manaog alone. I should have done that and should be happy sharing my one day pilgrimage and soul searching. I am really tempted to open it but I need to be discipline and pull my self together so snap back to reality that on Friday… I can go back to normal again.

Uh-oh, my stomach is growling and I am dizzy again because I am hungry. Every time I am hungry, I feel week and dizzy, is this even normal?

Back to the game, it was really intense first quarter game but as the game progress to the second quarter, it was so amazing how L.A. Tenorio keeps on scoring.

The game is over and they win just like how I will win on my challenge.



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