06 Stray Cat

I am cat wondering and asking why do I feel that way to the one who raise me. I feel so alone today and disconnected again. I think I’m just too focus and engage to the idea of a perfect plan.

It was not a perfect life based on criteria and self assessment. I am so insecure on a lot of things like my weight and appearance, my health, my family and all. I don’t even know why can’t I be so proud of?

Maybe I’m into a crisis where I need to look around and do something to spice up my so normal routine. I was always up for challenge but ever since we move to gateway, I feel so sad and disconnected. I feel that this is not the job that I wanted to keep for a long time. Should I jump in to something uncertain. I know nothing will gonna happen if I choose to  chase my dream, after all if I am meant to stay then so be it.

Today gospel is so inspiring that it help me realise that to follow Christ, one must have a very firm yes no more fake promises.. Just follow Him.

I’m a stray cat, yes lost and wandering but will be back pretty soon with a big smile. 🙂



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