02 My Thoughts

Another online journal

Maybe in two years time I’ll laugh about this, I’ll jump and giggle on those silly moments that I miss him.

I need to stop from here.

Now that he’s gone, I realise his potential as if I am on a talent show and I miss the back story of the most talented guy on earth.

Why do I keep of thinking about him?

Why do I miss him so badly?

Why do I need to think about him?

Why do I need him to listen to my stories?

Why do I keep sharing secrets and frustration?

Why do I even stalk and investigate things about him?

Why do I have to go through this and ask?

Is this because I figure out what is going on?

Is this because I am a real psychic who can foresee the future?

The future without him

Is this love or lust or maybe some kind of a joke.

He is actually ugly like a bulldog (though dogs are cute sometimes)

He is actually ugly like a monkey who needs some banana (though monkey are amazingly smart)

He is actually looks bad like a camel (though camel are very hardworking)

He is actually not worth it but I hate it (though I think I get attached a bit,  is it?)

I hate it so bad that I miss him that I can’t even understand

Maybe one day, I will forgot this

Yes, only time can tell but for now I think I’ll work hard to reach my goals

Yes, maybe for now I’ll do the best that I can to be pretty awesome than before.



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