07 I’m yours

Hi Apple Pie,

It’s me your cutie pie. I can’t believe I’m writing this to you in advance. I know you are also wondering if I do I exist, your dear soulmate but yes, I am just here waiting for you. I am not looking around, I will just wait for you, because you know what, I learned to stop searching, I begin to wait and believe in destiny and the invisible thread that binds me to you.

I hope with all your scars and pain, you will never lose hope on finding the one because our love would be a great tragedy if you lose that hope.

I am doing fine, by the way, doing my everyday battle to life, living in this very moment. I hope you too is awesomely fine. I admit I don’t have a lot of experience than you. I admit I am an innocent kid right now but I’m working to be a great match to you. I know you are working for that and I am just so excited to meet you soon.

My apple pie, can you hurry up because nowadays, I’m getting sad because some people that I thought would be my friend is slowly pushing me away but it’s fine, right? You are destined to be my best friend, my partner and my future.

If ever we meet this year, can we travel somewhere? I am excited to get to know you. I want to spend my day laughing and talking endlessly with you. Everyday would be a perfect date.

However, if we meet on the other year or so, can we get married soon? I’m just joking, I really like to crack some jokes you know. Those jokes helps me to get through to some of the painful things I get in life, actually, I have a lot of rejections, people often misunderstand me and slowly my self esteem is getting worst but I am working to be better because I know one day, I’ll find you and you’ll find me, then the search is over.

Apple pie, I’m yours. Somewhere, someday, we’ll meet and share our stories together.




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