09 My Ideals

As a Korean show fanatic, I usually like to do the ideal type game and so on. I would like to do this via vBlog but I am not yet ready so Im writing it down for now so I’ll remember.

I don’t have a lot of ideal type but definitely I have standards and I have a deal breakers.


1. He went to Sunday masses, its okay if he miss some Sundays but he should have that kind of religiousness in him. (I know, I sound like an old soul but that’s who I am)

2. He should have dream and goals, I’m not into rich guy but  I’m into a person who can be rich because he has motivation.

3. He loves music. Because music comforts my soul. I’m into classical and and soft mellow so I don’t like rock and crazy. I’m into upbeat song where I can dance



To be continue… I’m late


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