I’m Confused

Should I forget you now

Should you believe what you saw

Should I move on and let go

I am afraid

I am confused

I missed you but I can’t

I don’t love you anymore

Though my heart is unsettled

Though my mind is changing

Should I forgive you first

Until those memories are vague

I feel sorry for myself

Then I’m confused again

Is this my secret desire

To see you and hold you

Is this a tragedy


I’m just too confused


The peace within

As life goes on

Things become clear

Stories become beautiful

Life become amazing

I’m a soul searching for meaning

A voice wanting to be heard

As time goes by I become peaceful

This is the peace within

The courage is seen

I’m a brave soul forever

Be Brave

I’m a lost soul

Traveling the world of the unknown

Courage is my enemy

Fear is my friend

The weak are my home

Too frighten to jump

The chaotic world of the underworld

To risk and take the leap

To endow oneself to animosity

Be Brave!

A shout from the abyss of dark cloud

Be strong!

Life is more than just a journey to the end

Stand up and smile again

I’m hopeful again

As we bid the temporary goodbye

To a dear friend and loved one

As time heals the wounds of separation

As laughter covers the sadness of reality

I think I am hopeful again

To see the beauty of uncertainty

To sing the hymn of happiness

To welcome the possibility

Yes, I’m hopeful again

To let go

To move on

To get used to

Because this journey will forever be remembered

A hopeful gratefulness and a lovely feeling to the end of dreams


Things seems so fast

Why was it so quick

Why was it so suddenly

To bear the pain

To hold the hope

The courage and faith is all we need

Suddenly, its too hazy

Suddenly, things seem so far fetch

Suddenly its gone

No matter how I think, its a surprise

I’m hit with awe

It’s unimaginable and things is so vague

Though this is sudden

I know the purpose is real

I know that nothing is impossible