I’m Confused

Should I forget you now

Should you believe what you saw

Should I move on and let go

I am afraid

I am confused

I missed you but I can’t

I don’t love you anymore

Though my heart is unsettled

Though my mind is changing

Should I forgive you first

Until those memories are vague

I feel sorry for myself

Then I’m confused again

Is this my secret desire

To see you and hold you

Is this a tragedy


I’m just too confused


I’ll be that someone

I’ll be that someone

The person who chooses to stay

The person that never leaves

The person who will believe

The person who will encourage

Even if you chooses to be alone

Even if you chooses to be someone else

I’ll be that someone

The person who will look after you

The person who will smile for you

Not because I want your love

Not because I want you by my side

But because I choose to be the someone who will cheer you up.

Before you

Before I fall in love

You are my friend

Before anything else in between

You are a great listener

You are my perfect companion

You are the good one.

I listen with your laughter

I look on your gaze

But now we are apart

And we seems like a stranger

Nothing to hold on

Nothing but little memories

Maybe I’ll give you that space

Maybe I’ll get lost for a while

But one thing is for sure

I will never gonna leave you because before you

Is a friend.

I miss you

The sky are blue

The sunlight is so bright

The breeze are fresh

The ocean is endless

Then I think of you

Then I remember

Those small talks

Those things that meant to be said

Those silence

I think I miss you

My heart misses the comfort

My eyes misses your smile


Then I realise that I truly miss you

I miss everything about you

I miss looking into your smiling eyes, so beautiful and fragile

I miss telling you how much I care for you

But then again it’s too late

But then again, all I can do is to wish you happiness

Because even if I missed you

Because even if I longed for you

My heart is happy

Because I met you even for a while.


(Finally, the closure)

Love lost

Your my lost cause
In the world full of questions and doubts
Your my unowned crown
A missed reason of living

Those gentle eyes
A voice lingering on my ears
A memory keeps on repeating
A history worth re living

Your my lost love
In the fiery competition of love
A sole liaison of reality of hope
A beautiful melody of fate

The Unexpected one

Yes, you are my unexpected one

The echoes of your words

The softness of your love

A courage burning so deep

I don’t believe in fairy tales

The twisted ending

A cruel reality

But you make the unexpected choice

My life become surreal

A new dream is unfolding

Then you become my unexpected one