The long line

It was the unfamiliar sigh

The voice of weariness

The chant of pandemonium

How could I explain

describe the faces of tiredness

A sweet sound of lullaby

Is all they need now


Too much is enough

So long when I choose to ignore

To see that things are not right

To choose that it was not for good

Too much is enough

That’s why I let go

That’s why I distance myself

Your egoistic voice

Your pathetic cry

You are just not on my league

Too much is enough

To say it’s not worth to have

Midnight Choir

The song in my mind

Keeps ringing like a melody

Full of crazy thoughts

Ideas, wisdom, old dreams

As slowly time tick

The midnight choir is swiftly chanting

The quietness of the earth

The beauty of the night

The midnight choir is softly whispering

It’s beauty is undefined, full of thoughts

Gearing for something majestic

Sleepy Head

Listening to the radio song

All numb and deaf

The house of silence

The song of the broken

The sleepy head is with me

The hope of new work

The hope to eternity

Let’s fly and dance

Be merry because life is just simply beautiful

The dreams are simply the marvel of our future

Sleepy Head