Before you

Before I fall in love

You are my friend

Before anything else in between

You are a great listener

You are my perfect companion

You are the good one.

I listen with your laughter

I look on your gaze

But now we are apart

And we seems like a stranger

Nothing to hold on

Nothing but little memories

Maybe I’ll give you that space

Maybe I’ll get lost for a while

But one thing is for sure

I will never gonna leave you because before you

Is a friend.


Ang Paglisan

*I write this poem on our local Tagalog language, this means departure, since we are now moving to another year 2017

Katulad ng maamong tupa

Isang payapang daan

Daan patungo sa buhay

Isang paglisan sa kasalukuyan

Isang paalam sa nakaraan

Ang pangako ng panahon

Muling ibabalik ng pag-ibig

Ang sakit na dinanas

Hihilumin ng pagmamahal

Isa itong pag lisan

Sa mundo ng hiwaga

Walang katapusan paglalakbay

Ito na ang simula

Someday I will

Things are  a little rough

A fake smile is what I have

A decision is so tough

The edges are deadly rare

Those lines and words

Comforting and destructing

My sanity is gone

My dreams are broken

Though my heart is still hopeful

My mind are still powerful

That someday  I will

To reach the stars and gain what I’m worthy

Yes! Someday I will

Be Brave

I’m a lost soul

Traveling the world of the unknown

Courage is my enemy

Fear is my friend

The weak are my home

Too frighten to jump

The chaotic world of the underworld

To risk and take the leap

To endow oneself to animosity

Be Brave!

A shout from the abyss of dark cloud

Be strong!

Life is more than just a journey to the end

Stand up and smile again

Still the Same

Why do I think that life is a repetitive process?

Why boys are always the same?

They keep on insisting things that can’t be done

Why does people think the same?

Does it need to be the same like any other day

Question of doubts and fear are all around

Yes, it is those things that are past due

Or maybe those little things that is yet to be seen

I think this is the same