I’ll be that someone

I’ll be that someone

The person who chooses to stay

The person that never leaves

The person who will believe

The person who will encourage

Even if you chooses to be alone

Even if you chooses to be someone else

I’ll be that someone

The person who will look after you

The person who will smile for you

Not because I want your love

Not because I want you by my side

But because I choose to be the someone who will cheer you up.


Sweet Romance

A bittersweet goodbye

A lovely and satisfying ending

Is this how we lose

Is this how we matter

After those sweet romance

Before the howling of the night owl

As time bound to vanish

Those sweetness was now gone

Those moments are now dull

I think I’ll be selfish

To stay a little longer

To hold a bit closer

But in the end of a temporary sadness

The new flower is blooming

A sweet romance is coming

Thrice and ‘Twas it was the sweetest.


I have a lot of choices

The world is spinning and making noises

For a love lost and broken heart

I think the choice is ours to make

I choose love rather hatred

I choose happiness rather sadness

I choose growth rather status quo

I choose humility rather ego

Because those options

Are my ways to you

Those choices

Are my path to me

To finally find contentment

To finally lose the grip to you

Then finally to let go of holding back

That is my only answer to the options


If only you wait a bit longer

I’m crying out loud

For a love lost

For the lost cause

My heart is shaken

I’m loosing the reason

If only you wait a little longer

My heart will be settled

I can answer you with my honest thoughts

I can probabaly answer you the right one

But you choose to believe in a spark

Those butterflies and heartbeat

That I’m also trying to find

Then here I am crying alone and lost

Lost in the array of a new hope.



Moving Backwards

If I have to choose again

I bet I’ll choose the same way

But I think I’ve done it differently

Moving back to the past is an empty wish

Those with uncontent heart

Those without satisfaction

Maybe I’m moving backward

Maybe I’m trying to be me again

The old traces of me is gone

But my heart desire the happy simple me

The innocent girl who always wonder

The precious smile and view of life

Maybe this moving backwards will soon fade away

Alas! I’m looking forward

Undeniable Luck

Too Beautiful to let go

Too wasteful to forget

Time pass by like a current on a river

The tide and flow

The force and clarity



The undeniable luck is now within reach

Aiming to get the innocent eyes

Claiming to tempt the untouchable mind

Too soon

Too far

Yet luck is simply there